Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse Club supports youth, middle school and high school girls lacrosse players in PVUSD boundaries, including all charter and private schools. PGLC competes in the AGLA in the spring, and hosts a variety of camps and clinics for ret

Welcome to Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse Club

Welcome to Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse Club!

Pinnacle Girls Lacrosse is a girls lacrosse club welcoming all levels of players for Fall and Spring activities and competition.  



PGLC families,

With the spring season underway and the promise of a great season of competition ahead, we're pleased to open PGLC's Adrenaline team store through this Sunday night, January 24!

Visit the PGLC Team Store right away and get your order in before to store closes on 1/24 to give yourself the best shot at delivery before the games begin in early March!

·    All team store sales are FINAL and cannot be returned through PGLC or Adrenaline, so be sure to get out the measuring tape before completing that order!

·    If you’d like to see more descriptions and photos of the items, we recommend opening up a browser tab with the Adrenaline Team Store Catalog.

·     The colors of the embroidered PGLC logo will vary based on the color of the item purchased, and may not be exactly represented in the examples on the team store site.   

Please read the FAQs below to address most of the questions you might have, and don’t hesitate to reach out if your questions aren’t answered here. 


    Why are we closing the store so quickly? Like most team stores, Adrenaline requires about 6 weeks to receive the goods ordered, customize them for us, and ship them directly to your home. Six weeks from January 24 is March 7. Our goal is to give everyone the best possible chance to receive orders prior to the commencement of games in early March.

    Is this the only chance to order merchandise this season? Yes, due to the lead times this will be the final opportunity to get these year's team goods. 

·    What if I want to return an item? Since team stores are custom orders, all sales are FINAL unless there’s a manufacturing defect itself. No returns are allowed for ordering the wrong sizing, color, etc.

·    Will any merchandise be available for sale at games this year? The only team merch the club will likely be selling this year are car decals and branded face masks.

Everything else will be sold through the Team Store or provided through club-wide orders for all players, like shooter shirts, custom Adrenaline socks, and the like.    

Visit the PGLC Team Store right away and get your order in before to store closes on 1/24 to give yourself the best shot at delivery before the games begin!

by posted 01/19/2021


PGLC families and players,

The week ahead will be an unusual one for a number of reasons:

1) Our fields are closed for Monday, January 18 due to the MLK holiday. No practice will be held. 

2) As is the longstanding PGLC tradition, there is considerable rain in the forecast this week, beginning on Thursday and extending through the following Monday, as of this writing. 

3) Our head coach, Larissa Murdock, is in Covid quarantine this week due to her husband's positive test yesterday. Larissa believes she had Covid in March but wasn't able to secure a test at the time, and antibody tests to determine whether she had it or not after the fact aren't accurate enough to confirm.

PRACTICE THIS WEEK: 1/19 - 1/22, 6-8 pm

With that in mind, this week's practices--Tuesday through Thursday--will be full club practices conducted by the five assistant coaches.

Still have a friend or two that wants to check us out? Bring them out! Same opportunities as last week apply. 

These practices are mandatory for all players, and will be held from 6-8 pm at our normal practice field. All players should be at the field far enough in advance to be warmed up and on the field ready to begin practice at 6pm sharp! 

PRACTICE NEXT WEEK: 1/25 - 1/29, 6-8 pm

We will be conducting our tryouts to determine what players belong on what teams this week. 

The tryout period will be flexible this year. The coaching staff will use as many days as they need to in order to determine player allocations. They may need two, or as many as five. 

Once tryouts are concluded, we'll assign players to rosters on the website and issue emails to the PGLC families with the assignments. 


With rain in the forecast this week, we'd like to share our rainout policies and communications methods:

  • PVUSD alone determines when fields are closed. We have no say in the matter. 
  • That determination is made about 3 pm each day, rarely earlier. 
  • The threat of rain does not cancel practice!
  • Practice is on unless you hear otherwise.
  • If bad weather rolls in during practice, it will be the judgment of the coaching staff whether practice can safely continue or not. 
  • Rain does not mean an automatic cancellation. Lighting in the area will cancel practice immediately. 
  • Please do not call or email asking if fields will be closed that day. We're waiting for an email ourselves to make that determination. 
  • When fields are cancelled, we will communicate that as soon as possible via email, text, website, and often social media.
  • If enough rainouts take place to disrupt practices and games, Saturday mornings may be activated to ensure sufficient practice/games within the season itself.  

We all knew this season would require flexibility and patience like no other, so why wait to put those skills to the test? 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the fields this Tuesday! 

- The PGLC Parent's Board

by posted 01/17/2021
7 important updates as we begin the season tonight


The AGLA season gets underway tonight at the Pinnacle freshman football field from 6-8 pm tonight! 

Here are a few important updates for registered and unregistered players alike:

1) Although this week is about welcoming new and prospective players and shaking the rust off before next week's tryouts, it will be led by this year's coaching staff and should be considered mandatory for registered players who are able to attend! 

2) Be at the field to check in about 15 minutes earlier than you'd normally arrive to check in and get your free Dutch Bros gift card! 

3) Familiarize yourself with our COVID operating guidelines so we're all in 100% compliance from the moment we leave our cars to the moment we get back in them.

Most importantly, masks are REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES unless you are on the field of play and engaged in exercise/activity. No sharing of water or equipment!

4) Speaking of masks, PGLC masks and car decals will be available for sale for $10 for the branded masks and $5 of the stickers. Cash only, exact amounts preferred!     

5) We have some uniform blanks on hand in a variety of sizes for girls who would like to see the uniforms and dial in their size before we order. Tops and kilties are available in five adult sizes. 

Due to PVUSD regulations, the restrooms will not be open this season, so opportunties to try on the uniforms may be limited at the field

6) Prospective players are free of charge, and are welcome to attend any or all of the sessions this week to check us out! All are welcome and loaner sticks will be available.

All returning players should bring an extra stick if possible, in case interest is high in the face of winter sports cancellations this past weekend.  

7) We know there are athletes who would like to play this season, but don't feel comfortable coming out until the covid community spread is lower. We understand and support those individual or familiy decisions! 

In order to ensure we're ready to welcome your player when they are able to participate, please do the following:

- Respond to this email and let us know you plan to play this season once transmission rates are lower.

- Register your player, to ensure we have uniforms and team gear ready for them when they activate. We won't have an opportunity to order uniforms after next week due to the inability to order individual sets. 

- We will work with you on your season fees, on an individual basis, depending on when your player begins their season. If your personal conditions for yuor players return aren't met at any point this season, you'll just owe $40 for the US Lacrosse registration and $80 for the uniform rental to help offset the purchase costs we incur next week. 

Please share this with any families who plan to attend this week to check us out!

- The PGLC Parents Board 

by posted 01/11/2021


A new AGLA season is nearly upon us! Download your 2021 information packet here

Given the cancellation of last season and the impact this pandemic has had on many families, the club leadership made a few key decisions to ensure this season is as affordable as possible.

  • Our contract with UnderArmour ended in June and was not renewed on their end due to that provider’s struggles this year. So we partnered with Adrenaline Lacrosse for a three-year deal to give us 40% off uniforms this year.
  • We elected to purchase the uniforms as a club this year, allowing players to rent the uniforms during this three year cycle. This way, a $160 uniform set (two jerseys, two kilties and a pair of custom socks) is available for just $70 to rent for the season.
  • Each year, the club engages in a number of fundraising and sponsorship efforts to reduce the registration cost to our families. We’ve obviously not been able to do that in 2020, so the club will be intentionally running at a deficit this year, drawing on funds available in our bank accounts.
  • ​When we are able to begin fundraising activities anew, we hope you’ll be able to help us replenish our rainy day funds again.
  • We will continue to offer scholarships to players who want to play but may not have the means currently. Every girl who wants to play lacrosse this year will be able to!
  • If you are in need of a full or partial scholarship this year, please email us at and we’ll be glad to discuss options with you in strictest confidence.
  • Likewise, if any of our families would like to make a donation to our scholarship fund to help those in need, we’ll be glad to receive those funds and ensure they’re placed in our restricted account for that purpose.

**Registration is now LIVE for the AGLA high school spring season, and we encourage all families to let us know as soon as possible if you plan to play this year.**

We have pinnies and uniforms to order and the coaches need to know how many girls will be out there on 1/11, so please REGISTER NOW!


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2019 State Championship Game v Chaparral | 5/3/19

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